Storms Knocked Out Power For Thousands of Homes and Brought Trains to a Halt in Czechia

Following overnight storms, fallen trees, and power and safety equipment outages suspended or curtailed rail service in more than 20 places. The majority of the problems are in southern and central Bohemia, and they are generally along regional lines. The railway is flooded with water and sludge near Vrané nad Vltavou. 

The storms have also caused significant power outages, with tens of thousands of homes without power this morning. Firefighters are responding to complaints about flooded cellars and trees that have fallen. 

For example, at Protivín, near Hluboká nad Vltavou in Českobudějovice, Pacov, and the line Ješetice – Střezimíř, the signalling equipment was out of commission. Traffic was halted on the Central Bohemian sections of Kácov – Ledečko, Plaňany – Pečky and on the Central-South Bohemian boundary line of Březnice – Mirovice.

Between Choťovice and Převýšov on the boundary of Central Bohemia and Hradec Králové, near Včelné in South Bohemia, or between Úvaly and Český Brod near Prague, the train collided with a tree. The operation was maintained on the second track on this corridor line. 

There are significant issues in the area of Vrané nad Vltavou. The line is flooded in the area of Davle, and it is coated in mud and stones in the direction of Zbraslav in Prague.  

Central Bohemian firefighters had a wild night as well. “We intervened in 296 situations between 11 p.m. yesterday and 6 a.m. today, 279 of which were for so-called technical help, such as removing a tree that had fallen over a road. The worst conditions were found in the Benešov (88) and Příbram(49) regions, “On Twitter, they stated. 

The storms also caused significant outages in the supply of electricity to homes. Overnight, CEZ reported roughly 100,000 customers without power, and E-ON reported outages. Around 45,000 locations were without power in the morning.