Someone dumped a newborn girl into a baby box in Brno

On Monday morning, a newborn baby girl was placed in a baby box in Brno. She is the 234th baby abandoned in the baby box. According to the doctor, the girl appears healthy at first sight. People have already left 21 babies in the Brno baby box, the second oldest in the country.

The girl was 48 centimeters tall and weighed 2750 grams. “She is about three hours old, unbathed, just wiped in a dirty T-shirt and tights wrapped in a pale blue blanket. Her umbilical cord is tied with a string, but she is healthy at first glance, ” said Dan Wechsler, head of the neonatal unit at the Hospital of the Brothers of Mercy. The girl was named Janet. 

There are 81 heated baby boxes in the Czech Republic. The oldest is in Prague in June 2005, where 29 babies were dropped off. Since November of the same year, the second baby box has been in Brno, where people have already put 21 babies.