The air in the Czech Republic is extremely dry

The humidity in the Czech Republic is unusually low. According to meteorologists’ measurements, its values fall below 10 percent in the minima, while the relative humidity is usually around 70 percent.

“Such low humidity values were last recorded in August 2012 and locally also in March, April 2020, and July 2018,” the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) said, adding that similarly, low humidity can occur more frequently at higher altitudes during inversions.

The CHMI documented the low humidity, for example, with measurements from Prague’s Vinohrady district, where humidity in recent days fell below 7.5 percent.

Low humidity brings with it some specifics. In addition to the high visibility, despite the low temperatures, drivers do not encounter frost on the windows in the morning and do not have to “scratch.”

The humidity is expected to increase in the coming days due to the expected precipitation.