Spring is not yet in sight

The gradual rise in afternoon temperatures during the week will be cut short by the passage of another cold front at the weekend, which snowflakes will accompany even in the lowlands. The cold weather with temperatures of up to 5 °C will continue in the first half of next week, meteorologist Dagmar Honsová said.

Thursday’s frosty morning will be replaced by sunshine and clear skies during the day, with afternoon temperatures rising to 6 to 10 °C.

It will be mostly clear or partly cloudy on Friday, with only occasional low clouds. Temperatures will drop to -1 to -6 °C in the morning and reach 7 to 11 °C during the day.

“On Saturday, it will be partly cloudy at the beginning of the day, gradually becoming cloudy to overcast from the north, with snow showers in places and occasional snow showers in the lowlands. Snow showers in the mountains Morning temperatures will fall to 0 to -4 °C, while daytime temperatures will remain between 4 and 8 °C,” Honsová said, adding that temperatures will continue to cool from the north during the day.

On Sunday, cloudy to overcast skies should prevail, with snow showers in some places and snow in the mountains. Morning lows will drop to 0–4 °C; daytime lows will rise to 0–4 °C.

High clouds and cloudy skies are to be expected on Monday. Snow showers will appear again in some places, and snow is to be expected in the mountains. Temperatures will drop to -1 to -5 °C in the morning and rise to -1 to 3 °C during the day.

On Tuesday, the weather will be cloudy, with snow showers in some places and lows between -2 and -6 °C. Temperatures will be between 0 and 4 °C during the day.

Wednesday will bring no change. The weather will be accompanied by heavy clouds and snow showers in places, with rain and snow mainly in the lowlands. Temperatures will drop to -1 to -5 °C in the morning and should reach 1 to 5 °C during the day.