Chicken meat from Poland with salmonella on the market

Státní zemědělská a potravinářská inspekce

Chicken meat from Poland contaminated with Salmonella bacteria, which cause the disease salmonellosis, has appeared on the Czech market. Although it had a best before the date of February 19 and is no longer on the market, the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority (SZPI) is warning consumers who may have frozen meat.

The batch was sold in the Czech Republic by the company JIP East Bohemia, Pavel Kopřiva, a spokesman for the inspectorate, wrote in a press release on Thursday.

The producer is the Polish company Kabanos from Jablonka. The label read, “Chicken and quality offal kurczak fresh split poultry meat.” The use-by date was until February 19 of this year.

“We strongly advise all consumers who might have the product at home frozen not to consume it. Any freezing has virtually no effect on bacterial contamination,” Kopriva said.

The Inspectorate will initiate administrative proceedings with the inspected person to impose a sanction and continue its inspections.