Storms Raged In Moravia, Firefighters Evacuated Train

Storms hit the Olomouc and South Moravia regions on Wednesday in the early evening. The water flooded a horticulture shop in Kožušany-Tážaly in the Olomouc Region. 

Firefighters also had to evacuate passengers from a train in Hranice because a tree fell on the track.

“A tree fell into the profile of the track near Hranice. Firefighters were evacuating passengers. There were a total of 15 people. All are without injuries. The situation has stabilized for now. We are intervening together with volunteer units, especially in Hranice and Olomouc, because of the fallen trees, ” said firefighters’ spokesman Radek Buryánek in the evening.

Traffic was stopped between Hranice and Přerov, trains started running at about 9:30. Traffic was also restricted between Olomouc and Grygov due to an obstacle on the line.

In Kožušany-Tážaly, a volunteer unit was removing fallen trees and also set about pumping water into a flooded garden center, he added.

Meteorologists warned of thunderstorms in parts of Moravia and Silesia this morning.