Strong storms will hit most of the Czech Republic

Meteorologists have extended the warning of powerful thunderstorms to most of the country. Storms will start on Friday afternoon and evening and in a milder form on Saturday.

“Isolated occurrences of powerful thunderstorms accompanied by wind gusts of around 90 kilometers per hour, a hail of around 2 centimeters, and short-term rainfall of around 30 millimeters are expected,” the meteorologists said.

Powerful thunderstorms will threaten from 4 pm on Friday until 02:00 on Saturday in the whole territory except for the Moravian-Silesian, Olomouc, Zlín, South Moravian regions, and parts of the area the Pardubice and Vysočina regions.

Strong thunderstorms may occur there until Saturday morning. They may also be accompanied by hail and rainfall totals of around 30 millimeters. Wind gusts should reach up to 70 kilometers per hour.