Tens of millions of crowns will be spent on 5G development

The Ministry of Regional Development (MoRD) has published its first call from the National Recovery Plan (NRP). Almost CZK 90 million is earmarked for the further development of 5G mobile networks in the cities of Bílina, Jeseník, Karlovy Vary, Plzeň, and Ústí nad Labem. The ministry announced this in a press release.

The subsidy aims to motivate more intensive cooperation in developing the Smart Cities concept. The grant can also be obtained by other entities operating in the cities’ territory and supporting digitization activities.

The cities above succeeded in the 5G project for five towns at the end of 2019. The competition was about where to test 5G mobile technologies in the country as a matter of priority. As a result, these cities use the Smart 5G city designation and have already implemented various projects.

The current call aims to demonstrate projects for the development of applications for cities and industrial areas. It is intended to help develop and launch a so-called 5G network ecosystem in public space security, urban mobility, traffic monitoring, e-health, and education.

“We will fund up to 100 percent of the expenditure. 5G networks will significantly accelerate and make technology more accessible to people. Indeed, technological innovations can substantially facilitate the daily lives of all people and further stimulate local economic development, “said Ivan Bartoš (Pirates), Vice President for Digitalisation and Minister for Regional Development.

Under the NPO, the Czech Republic will receive a total of CZK 180 billion from the EU. Around CZK 40 billion is to go towards developing e-government, e-commerce, and digital transformation. The support from the recovery plan can be used until December 31st, 2026, at the latest.

According to earlier information, the Czech Republic could receive another CZK 10 to 15 billion in the context of the refugee crisis due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Last week, European Affairs Minister Mikuláš Bek (STAN) said that the Czech Republic would receive another CZK 14 billion through the NRP.