Tečka turned red for people vaccinated in spring without a booster


On Tuesday, people who were vaccinated with two doses of coronavirus vaccine last spring, but not the third, were reddened by the Tečka application. This applies to those vaccinated by the beginning of May 2021. However, a vaccination certificate or having had the disease is no longer needed in the Czech Republic, for example, to enter restaurants or cinemas.

The application and information on whether the person has been vaccinated or had the COVID-19 disease in the last six months may play a role when visiting foreign countries where the certificate still needs to be shown. These people will also lose their entitlement to free testing, with vaccinated people entitled to five tests a month. They will also be affected when they return to the Czech Republic abroad.

The validity of the certificate with two doses was unlimited last year. Then it was found that the vaccination did not protect as long as expected, and the validity of Tečka was reduced to nine months without the booster dose. It was initially supposed to be from February 1, but the government of Petr Fiala extended the validity by another 14 days.

Gradually, the Tečka will turn red for others who received two doses of the vaccine last year. For example, in April, 40-year-olds who were vaccinated in a strong wave of interest in the summer of 2021 will have their dot reddened.