The “Circle a Woman” initiative calls to vote for female candidates

Zakroužkuj ženu
  • According to the organizers, if enough people “Circle a Woman” in this upcoming election, a fundamental political message will be sent suggesting that Czechs want more women in Parliament.
  • Women represent only 23% of parliament in the Czech Republic, a low percentage compared to other European countries.

Women make up 44% of the Lower House of Parliament in Spain, 32% in Germany, and 23% in the Czech Republic. According to the “Zakroužkuj ženu” or “Circle a Woman” campaign, this situation should change in the upcoming elections, which encourages voters to vote more ballots to elect more women to the House. 

Although there are now 23 percent of women in the House, the figures have risen from 10 percent in 1992. In the Czech Republic,  a lot of women hold jobs in education or health care. “Zakroužkuj ženu” has set a goal of at least 30 percent. 

Markéta Brabcová, the founder of the initiative, said that “It is essential to realize that the female experience is different to some extent from the male one. As a result, both men and women should be represented in decision-making at the highest political level, where the most significant laws impacting the entire country are addressed.

Matouš Turek, a spokesman for the campaign, mentioned, “If we look at the candidates in Prague, for example, we see that there are quite a lot of women in the first positions. But then, when you go further down, there aren’t many of them there anymore. “Even some current MEPs are only in the top ten.”

He also added that, according to experience from abroad, when at least 30 percent of the other sex is represented in a decision-making team, the action style changes. Studies have shown that companies with a more balanced decision-making body have better results because the mix of experience is irreplaceable.