The Czech Republic is among the top ten countries that threaten Russia

Ksenia Zhuikova @ksuzhuikova

The Kremlin is working on a list of hostile countries whose embassies will not be able to employ Russian citizens. Thus, Moscow is responding to the diplomatic rift between Russia and the West. The United States expelled Russian diplomats for the first time in the middle of April. After that, the Czech Republic began to suspect  Russia of involvement in the terrorist attack in Vrbětice in 2014, in which agents of the Russian special services might have been involved.

Vladimir Putin is compiling a constantly updated list of states that, according to his opinion, are among the enemies of the Russian regime and therefore need to be punished. The Russian news agency TASS wrote that either Russian diplomats would not work in “enemy states,” or their number would be very limited. 

The list includes the following countries: USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Australia and Great Britain. Canada is likely to appear on it soon. The final number of countries is still unknown.