The Czech Republic is in a temperature rock ‘n’ roll

In the weeks leading up to the end of May and the beginning of June, the weather set the stage for a literal temperature rock and roll. Cold mornings, with ground frosts in places, have been replaced by daytime temperatures that have reached the summer low of 25 °C.

Meteorologist Dagmar Honsová warned that we must be prepared for sharp jumps in the following days. Sudden temperature changes are taxing on the body and also change tastes.

“This week brings a significant temperature amplitude, the difference between the minimum and maximum daily temperatures. An example is Nová Role in the Karlovy Vary Region, where five °C was measured on Thursday morning and afternoon highs reached 24 °C,” Honsová said.

The weather will follow a similar jump rhythm in the following days. “While the beginning of this week brought cold mornings and even some ground frosts in places, the night on Saturday will be warm. Temperatures will be between 18 and 14°C, with the south-east of the territory hitting a tropical night where temperatures will not fall below 20°C,” Hons warned.

Another drastic change can be expected on Sunday when a cold front will arrive after thunderstorms hit the Czech Republic in the afternoon and cooling.