The transport company announced a contract for another section of the metro line D for 25 billion

Institut plánování a rozvoje (IPR Praha)

Shortly after the construction of the new D line of the Prague metro, the transport company (DPP) announced a contract for the construction of another section of the line. It is between Olbrachtova and Nové Dvory stations, with an estimated price of CZK 24.63 billion.

The next stage should include the construction of the stations Nádraží Krč, Nemocnice Krč, and Nové Dvory, inter-station tunnels, technological tunnels, and also a power supply system for the section between Pankrácí and Olbrachtová, which is already under construction. From Pankrác station, there will be a transfer to the C line.

The 3.3-kilometre section will have two excavated stations (Nádraží Krč, Nemocnice Krč), while Nové Dvory station will be embedded. There will be turntable tracks at this station, and a possible branch line for the metro to Modřany will be established there. Line D should continue from Nové Dvory to Písnice.

The station Nádraží Krč will be one of the few stations in the Prague metro that will be surface and will have a transfer to the train and a P+R car park.

“We are expecting the first bids from those interested in the tender for the construction itself at the beginning of September this year, and we firmly believe that we will know the winner by the end of this year unless unforeseen complications arise,” said DPP chief Petr Witowski, according to whom the construction should take six years. Passengers should be able to travel from Pankrác to Nové Dvory in 2029.

The new line will be fully automated, as Adam Scheinherr, deputy for transport, reminded.

“We will buy the most modern automatic trains for it. And on that occasion, we will also modernize the C line,” he added.