The Czechs warmed up with the hard frosts last week, and gas consumption rose

Cold temperatures caused the Czechs to overheat. Gas consumption rose by less than a tenth last week year-on-year. In the case of electricity, the increase in consumption was almost seven percent. This is according to data from Amper Meteo, which has been tracking energy consumption in the Czech Republic in the context of the weather for a long time.

The first freezing period during the energy crisis is behind the Czechs. Last week, freezing temperatures arrived in the Czech Republic, leading to increased energy consumption. According to Amper Meteo data, the average air temperature was 7.6°C lower year-on-year.

“This was reflected in high gas consumption, which was 9.5 percent higher year-on-year. We surpassed the 400 GWh gas consumption limit on Monday, and very soon, we reached 450 GWh. We, therefore, consumed more gas than last year,” Kamil Rajdl, an analyst at Amper Meteo, said.

In comparison, the week before last, when temperatures were five to seven degrees higher, the maximum daily consumption was “only” 360 GWh.

Despite the higher consumption, there are positives to be found in last week’s performance. Adjusting for the weather and the Počerady steam power plant, the Czechs seem to save on consumption. As in previous weeks, savings last week were around 15 percent.

“On the other hand, we have to say that these savings are only theoretical because, in real terms, we consumed more gas last week, but it was less than we would have consumed last year at the same air temperatures,” Rajdl explained.

According to him, the high gas consumption was also because the power plant in Pocherada was generating electricity for almost the whole week. “It consumed gas with a share of 5.5 percent of the country’s total consumption,” he added.

Higher year-on-year consumption also occurred in electricity last week, specifically by 6.8 percent. After adjusting for the weather, consumption was almost identical to last year. Therefore, there were no savings.

Warmer weather and holidays

And what is the outlook for the days ahead? The weather will warm up considerably during the week, which, together with the Christmas holidays, should positively affect consumption. “We expect a drop of around 14 percent,” Rajdl revealed.

“On Monday, consumption should still be 450 GWh or slightly below. After that, it will gradually drop to around 330 GWh on Friday and 270 GWh over the weekend. But of course, these are only predictions. It depends on exactly what the temperature will be and what the holidays will do to it,” he added, giving specific numbers.

On Saturday, December 17, a total of 31.4 TWh of gas was stored in Czech storage facilities, according to Gas Infrastructure Europe – Aggregated Gas Storage Inventory (GIE AGSI) data.

This corresponds to a storage capacity of approximately 85 percent. At the level of the entire European Union, storage facilities are 84 percent full.