The largest American convoy will pass through the Czech Republic

Jan Švábek

One of the largest military convoys will pass through the Czech Republic in February and March. Some 1,800 troops and 700 pieces of US Army equipment will cross the Czech Republic from Germany to Slovakia in the second half of February on their way to the Saber Strike 2022 exercise and again in the second half of March on their return journey.

“Movements of all convoy streams are planned in the evening to early morning hours to minimize the impact on civilian road traffic,” said Magdalena Dvořáková, spokeswoman for the Czech Army General Staff. Czech soldiers will also take part in the Saber Strike exercise.

“All movements will be accompanied and secured by members of the Military Police in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic and will be coordinated with the ministries and municipalities concerned,” she added.

The spokeswoman pointed out that hygiene measures would be observed during the movements. However, the dates of exercises, transfers, and the number of soldiers may change due to unfavorable epidemiological conditions.