The migration wave is huge: half of the refugees in the Czech Republic are children

More than 100 000 people have already arrived in the Czech Republic from Ukraine, a quarter of them want to come to Prague. The head of the Interior Ministry, Vít Rakušan (STAN), said this after a meeting of the Central Crisis Staff. According to him, more than half of the refugees are children. “We are dealing with a migration wave of unprecedented proportions,” he said.

More than half of the people who have come to the Czech Republic from Ukraine are children. Eighty percent of adults are female. Most people are fleeing to the capital.

“Prague has 25 percent of the arrivals and is thus the place where the vast majority of people from Ukraine are heading and want to head,” the minister specified.

Prague’s assistance center for Ukrainian refugees at the Congress Centre already stopped accepting more applicants for 24 hours on Monday due to the number of people.

“The Fire and Rescue Corps is organizing the transfer of people to other regional assistance centers,” the Interior Minister said. He said the trains would then be dispatched further away so that the capital would not be overcrowded.