The Ministry of Health will issue a decree on mandatory vaccination


The Ministry of Health is preparing a decree on mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 for specific groups of the population. Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) stated on Friday that the decree will be issued next week.

Compulsory vaccination should apply to people over 60 years of age, police officers, soldiers, and other armed forces, as well as firefighters and health and social care workers. The obligation to vaccinate will also apply to paramedics.

The health minister spoke about the compulsory vaccination of selected groups, which will start in March next year after the government meeting on Monday. However, the future government may still change the decision. The compulsory vaccination of certain professions or age groups has been discussed more and more recently. However, experts disagree on whether this is the most appropriate way.

Legislation should balance public objectives against individual rights to freedom of choice, some privacy and freedom from discrimination. There are groups of individuals, who do not wish to be vaccinated given the brief period over which the specific vaccine was tested and who may not fully trust the system

According to Vojtěch, mandatory vaccination is the right decision for Europe. “If we look at the statements of European politicians, it is clear that European countries are adopting compulsory vaccination as a solution against Covid-19 and Czechia should also follow their lead,” he added.

On Friday, Vojtěch held talks with the future government team responsible for Covid. In particular, they discussed the future of the pandemic law, which is due to take effect by the end of February.

The ministry is also preparing anti-epidemic recommendations for the Christmas holidays. Last year after the Christmas holidays, a Covid-19 wave rose, which was related to the loosening of the government’s restrictions.