The Post Office increases the fee on their services

From November, Czech Post will increase the price of sending letters, parcels, and postal orders. Standard letter delivery will cost two crowns more than CZK 21, while priority mail delivered the next day will cost CZK 28 rather than CZK 26. The reason is rising costs, said post spokesman Matyáš Vitík.

Pení news server reported on the increase. The post office last increased the price of a stamp for a regular letter in 2018 by CZK 3.

“Due to rising costs, especially for energy and fuel, we have adjusted the price list of our services since November 1. Among other things, the price of ordinary writing has been increased by two crowns from the current 19 crowns and 26 to 28 crowns in the case of priority mail,” Vitík said.

The introductory price of the parcel service will increase by 10 crowns to 75 CZK, with cash on delivery to 94 CZK. For registered users, the price remains unchanged at CZK 65 without money on delivery and CZK 84 with cash on delivery.

The price of sending postal and COD vouchers will increase by five crowns in all cases. The basic price for sending amounts up to CZK 5,000 will increase to CZK 49 for type A vouchers, CZK 42 for type B vouchers, and CZK 58 for type C vouchers from November.

The Post Office increased the price of postal orders by five crowns last April when it also increased the cost of registered and precious letters.

Since October this year, the post office has also charged the SIPO service for non-cash payments by direct debit from a bank account. The service was still free if a customer required confirmation by email. Now the company charges five crowns for it.

Last year, the Post Office delivered 147.7 million ordinary parcels up to two kilograms, a tenth less than the previous year. The post office recorded a quarter drop to 195 000 items for regular boxes up to ten kilograms.

The Czech Post halved its loss last year to CZK 681 million. In the previous year, it posted a loss of CZK 1.37 billion. Operating income rose by CZK 400m to CZK 19.55bn. The state-owned enterprise operates 3,200 branches and employs 27,000 people.