The Velvet Revolution will be celebrated again this year at Korzo Národní

Díky, že můžem

The Velvet Revolution celebration will return this year at Korzo Národní after a one-year break. People will encounter street exhibitions, light installations, theatre, and audiovisual projections, on Prague’s Národní třída; because of the possibility of creating large crowds and having a lot of visitors gathered along the entire length of the street, the program was canceled the previous year.

“This year’s edition promises to be a return to normal. People will be able to enjoy the program right on National Avenue on November 17, just as they have been used to in the past. We will also offer several ways to celebrate the anniversary remotely, “explained Lucie Bílková, chairwoman of the organizing association; thanks for Being Able.

“Among other things, we are planning an outdoor projection on the front side of the Máj department store, thematizing the current political situation in Belarus. Visitors can also look forward to street exhibitions or educational walks mapping the period of communism, the events of the Velvet Revolution, and the early post-revolutionary years. The street will also include elements alerting visitors to the security measures in place.”

A program is also planned in the buildings around Národní třída, including theatre performances, the talk show Kupé v lesse in cooperation with the Vosto5 theatre, art workshops with the Scout Institute, and other exciting events.