The weekend will be cold

The weather at the end of the first week of the holiday season will not bring high temperatures. The two weekdays sandwiched between the days off will be rather rainy, with clouds breaking over the weekend, but temperatures will only be in the 20s Celsius range.

Due to the cooler northwesterly flow, people must count on showers and lower temperatures, and fog will appear in the morning. According to Honsová, a meteorologist, the weather will be suitable for picking mushrooms.

Tropical weather will return to the Czech Republic in full force in the second half of July

On Thursday, a frontal system will pass over our territory from the northwest. “In Bohemia, it will be cloudy to overcast in the morning, with rain or showers in most of the area and occasional thunderstorms. In Moravia and Silesia, it will be partly cloudy at the beginning of the day, and clouds will increase during the afternoon, with only isolated showers,” Honsová said.

Temperatures in Bohemia will range between 17 and 21 degrees Celsius, with temperatures reaching 24 degrees Celsius in the east.

On Friday, it will be cloudy to partly cloudy, with isolated showers during the day and fog in the morning. Temperatures will drop to 9-13 degrees, rising to 18-22 degrees during the day.

Saturday will be partly cloudy, with isolated showers possible in the north. Morning temperatures will still drop to 8 to 12 degrees, with daytime highs of 19 to 23 degrees.

The weather will be similar on Sunday, with cloudy to partly cloudy skies, with showers in places, but isolated thunderstorms may occur. Temperatures will remain low at 8 to 12 degrees in the morning, oscillating around 20 degrees during the day, between 18 and 22 degrees.