The weekend will be warm, and winter will return next week

Warm and precipitation-rich weather will continue for the next few days. Afternoon highs will stay well above freezing through the end of the week, and minimum temperatures will not drop below zero. It should start to cool down next week, meteorologist Dagmar Honsová said.

Individual frontal systems will continue to pass over the Czech Republic, which will mean numerous showers and cloudy skies.

“On Thursday, we expect the least cloudiness and precipitation in the morning and afternoon—it will be cloudy to partly cloudy. Cloud cover will gradually increase, with light rain or showers in some areas. The snow limit will be around 1,200 meters above sea level; otherwise, it will rain. But even on the mountain tops, it may be mixed precipitation,” Honsova stated. Afternoon temperatures will stay in the range of 5 to 10 °C.

It will be cloudy with occasional rain or showers on Friday. Precipitation may be heavier in mountainous areas, with snow in the upper reaches. Temperatures will drop to 8 to 4 °C at night and reach 6 to 10 °C during the day.

Saturday should be cloudy to partly cloudy with occasional rain or showers, mostly snow in the mountains. Overnight lows should fluctuate between 4 and 0 °C, with daytime temperatures rising to 4 to 8 °C.

It will be cloudy to overcast on Sunday, with occasional rain or showers, again with snow on the mountain tops. Lows will remain between 4 and 0 °C, with temperatures rising slightly to 5 to 9 °C during the day.

Cloudy to partly cloudy conditions will also prevail on Monday, with occasional showers or rain. And it will start to cool down. Snowflakes should appear from the midlands onward. Temperatures will drop to 3 to -1 °C at night and 2 to 6 °C during the day.

Tuesday night will be cold in this context, with lows dropping to 2 to -2 °C. During the day, cloudy weather with occasional rain or showers will continue to prevail, with snow showers from the middle positions and temperatures between 1 and 5 °C.

Wednesday will be cloudy to partly cloudy, with rain or showers and snow from the midlands. Overnight temperatures will continue to drop, reaching 0 to -4 °C, with daytime temperatures between 0 and 4 °C.