There’s more cold weather ahead, with rain alternating with snow

It is gradually getting colder in the Czech Republic. The next four weeks until the end of the year should be below average, according to the monthly forecast of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. The precipitation should be slightly more than usual at this time. In the following days, it should rain and snow at lower altitudes.

A cold front will pass through the Czech Republic during the week of December 5–11, bringing heavy snowfall to lower elevations.

Up to ten centimeters of wet snow will fall from southern Bohemia through the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands to the Orlické Mountains. The heavy snowfall may break branches and cause traffic complications. It will be cloudy to overcast, with occasional snow and temperatures around zero over the weekend.

Meteorologists say this week is also expected to have the heaviest rainfall of the entire period.

It should be cloudy to overcast from December 14 to 20, with snow or rain in places. Overnight temperatures will be -9 to -1 °C. High daytime temperatures of -5 to 3 °C. More precipitation than usual for this period is also expected this week.

From December 19 to 25, meteorologists expect average daytime temperatures to range from -5 °C to 5 °C, with nighttime temperatures around -5 °C.

In the last week under review, nighttime temperatures should range from -9 to 1 °C, while daytime temperatures should be between -5 and 5 °C.