Prague has extended the term of office of the supervisory boards of TSK and DPP, and a new coalition is pending


Members of the Supervisory Boards of the Prague Transport Company (DPP) and the municipal company Technical Administration of Communications (TSK), whose four-year terms have expired, will remain on the boards.

The outgoing city council decided this on Monday in the position of both companies’ general assemblies. The move is to ensure the stability of the bodies until a new Prague coalition is formed. The current deputy mayor for transport, Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě), will remain at the head of both supervisory boards.

In addition to Scheinherr, the councilors also extended the terms of office of another deputy mayor Pavel Vyhnánek (Praha Sobě), Tomáš Mikesek (STAN), and transport specialist Jan Marek. In addition, Filip Vácha (TOP 09) was elected to the board to fill the vacant seat. The DPP Supervisory Board comprises 15 members, ten elected by the city council and the other five by the employees.

The situation is similar in TSK, where Scheinherr’s term expired on November 28, and Martin Kala, nominated by Praha Saba, Pavel Dobeš (STAN), and Pavel Richter (TOP 09). All of them will remain on the board, except Richter, who Martin Jedlička will replace for TOP 09. The TSK Council comprises nine members, and the city councilors elect all members.

The councilors made the decision on Monday based on an agreement that representatives of the outgoing coalition of the Pirates, Praga Sobě, and the now-defunct joint TOP 09 and STAN club negotiated with ODS and ANO. The move is intended to guarantee the continuity of the supervisory bodies of municipal companies until the parties agree on a new coalition. This has so far failed to happen, The winning grouping Together (ODS, TOP 09, KDU-ČSL) would like to form an alliance with the Pirates and STAN on a governmental basis, but since the elections, it has been unable to reach an agreement with the Pirates, who some time ago formed the Alliance of Stability with Praha Sobě and insist on its participation in the coalition.

At the same time, following the decision of the councilors in June in connection with the Dozimetr corruption case, the DPP has announced competitions for all director positions, including the general director. In the Dozimetr case, police say, several defendants, including some members of the DPP management, organized corruption related to public procurement. The company has already extended the deadline for receiving applications for director tenders twice, with the current deadline being December 22. In the meantime, the company has already selected a new economic director, Jiří Pařízek.

DPP is the city’s largest company, employing about 11,000 people, and is in charge of public transport operations. TSK is mainly responsible for maintaining and repairing roads in the metropolis.