“Those Who Want a Second Dose Faster Can Call” Said Babiš

People who are waiting for a second dose can get it faster from 1 July if they want it. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said this on Sunday. According to him, all you have to do is call the 1221 line. He said there will be a surplus of vaccines in the Czech Republic after the July holidays.

“People who want to be vaccinated earlier with the second dose can call the 1221 line,” the prime minister said. The vaccination interval should be reduced from 42 to 34 days between doses and over time, as vaccines become sufficient, to the manufacturer’s recommended 21 days.

One million doses next week

According to the Prime Minister, after the holidays we will reach a situation where there will be a large supply of vaccines. More than a million of them are expected to arrive next week.

So far, 1.87 million people in the Czech Republic have not received the second dose. Interest in the first dose is “much weaker than it was.” He said the Czech Republic is definitely not a winner because mutations of the virus are occurring domestically.

The date of the second dose after 42 days has so far been beyond people’s control, having been assigned to them at registration. Many people did not show up for it because the date did not suit them for some reason and the vaccination centre only accepted illness with a doctor’s certificate or a business trip as an excuse.