Toilet Paper Becomes Best-Seller in Czech Republic Due to Discounted Prices

In Kaufland, a supermarket in the Czech Republic, long queues have formed for toilet paper due to the discounted price of the product. A report from states that toilet paper has become a best seller among Czechs during Polish shopping sprees. A spokesperson from Biedronka, a Polish retail chain, confirmed the increased demand for this product type.

We recently visited a Kaufland branch in Prague and were informed at the checkout that some toilet paper was still available. However, a woman who was restocking the shelves warned him that there had been long queues for the product during the day. The reason for the increased demand was the promotional price, which was 47% lower than the original price, or 124 to 65 Czech korunas.

Other retailers have also confirmed the increased demand for discounted toilet paper. For instance, a distributor from Mostek offers a pack of 40 three-ply Polish toilet paper rolls for 189 Czech korunas or less than five korunas per roll. Additionally, dm, a drugstore chain, has added the Sanft&Sicher brand of toilet paper to its product range, priced at 6.24 korunas for 100 sheets.

In the Czech Republic, retailers are competing for the best prices for toilet paper, as well as for other hygiene products. Discounts and promotional prices have been drawing customers responding to the current economic situation. Experts point out that the optimistic projections of a gradual easing of the financial crisis are not yet evident, and the problem has yet to bottom out. The Czech National Bank maintained its interest rates at its recent meeting, forecasting stable rates until the middle of the year.

Inflation levels in the Czech Republic reached 13.2% in April, according to the Czech National Bank’s indicators. Economists define inflation as the overall increase in the price level of goods and services. The high inflation rate is expected to persist for at least the year’s first half.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impacts have significantly impacted the purchasing power and spending habits of Czech citizens. Many have prioritized buying essential items, including toilet paper and hygiene products, subject to increased demand and supply chain disruptions. As the country continues to navigate the pandemic and its effects, retailers may continue to offer discounts and promotions to attract customers and stimulate consumer spending.