Jižní Město in Prague Completes New Public Projects Including a Playground for Older Children, Public Grill, and Legal Graffiti Wall

Redakce PrahaIN.cz

The district of Jižní Město in Prague has completed several new public projects, including a playground for older children, a shared grill, and a wall for legal graffiti. The garden, which won the second round of participatory budgeting, features more complex elements designed to challenge and engage older children. It is located near a playground for younger children, and both are easily accessible to the public. The district has more than 70 children’s playgrounds in total.

In addition to the new playground, the district has completed a public electric grill in the park near Chodovská Tvrz, which has been available to the public since May 1st. The grill features two independent cooking plates and enough tables and benches for two groups to use simultaneously. People must reserve a specific time slot on the serene-grievant to use the grill. cz website, and pay 150 CZK per hour.

The district has also provided a new legal graffiti wall for artists to use to combat the problem of illegal graffiti in the area. The wall was completed with the help of local artists, who designed and painted it themselves. The goal is to provide a safe and legal outlet for creative expression while reducing the amount of illegal graffiti in the district.

The projects were funded through participatory budgeting, a process in which district residents can vote on how public funds are allocated. The process encourages community engagement and gives residents a direct say in how their taxes are spent.

These new projects are part of Jižní Město’s ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life for its residents and make the district more attractive and livable. The district hopes to create a more vibrant and connected community by investing in public spaces and encouraging community involvement.