Tragedy in Písek: Two Adults Are Dead, Children Have Injuries

A tragedy occurred near Čížová in Písek. The storm left two adults dead and two children injured. The crew of the car tried to help the family who were taking shelter from the bad weather. But a tree fell on the vehicle.

The Integrated Rescue System intervened at the scene, but the adults sitting in the front seats could not be saved. Police refuted speculation that the dead were the parents of the injured children, taken to a hospital in Písek.

The parents were on a bike ride with the children when the storm hit. “At the scene, we found that the man and woman who lost their lives in the accident had stopped and offered to help the children, who were sheltering from the storm with their parents. The children got in, the parents stayed out, and a few minutes later, a tree fell on the car, “police wrote on Twitter.

Vendula Matějů, a spokeswoman for the South Bohemian firefighters, added that the storm is complicating traffic on several South Bohemian roads. For example, in the center of České Budějovice, firefighters are removing fallen branches. As of 17:30, they had 40 calls due to the storm. Most of them were about fallen trees.

Most of the firefighters have so far intervened in Písek, České Budějovice, and Strakonice. The meteorologists’ warning for southern Bohemia is valid until Thursday midnight. On Friday, the storms should not be so intense.