Train Accident: a Woman Passenger Did Not Survive the Collision

The Czech Republic was shaken by Wednesday’s train accident near Domažlice. More than 60 people were injured, and three people died after an international express train from Germany collided with a passenger train. In addition to the two drivers, a 47-year-old woman succumbed to her injuries. She died on the exact anniversary of her son’s death.

Anna was traveling by train from Strýčkovice to Domažlice on Wednesday. She did not return home. “We kept calling her, and we had no idea what was wrong with her, why she wasn’t answering her phone. We only found out about her death in the evening when the police came to our house, ” said family member David Matuš. The information was devastating for everyone. “It’s a tragedy; words can’t even describe it,” Matuš said.

Anna came from the Pilsen region and spent the last two years mainly in Strýčkovice, a small village on the border of Domažlice and Klatovy. “She was very nice. She looked after everyone. When we did stupid things, she would watch over us, “recalled Matuš, who also revealed that Anna died on the anniversary of her son’s death. At the age of seven, he had succumbed to insidious leukemia.

Havlíček: No law can completely prevent a collision

“Anna’s death hit us terribly. The biggest blow was to her other son and my uncle, her friend. He was completely shocked. He even talked about suicide. We have no idea yet when the funeral will be or where we will get the money. We will probably have to do some kind of collection, ” Matuš added.

The Transport Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Karel Havlíček (ANO), also commented on the tragic accident. According to him, several unfortunate factors combined in the fatal train collision. He also indirectly blamed the driver of the German express for the accident.

“No law or safety device can 100% prevent a collision like the one that happened on Wednesday near Milavec,” the minister stressed at a briefing after he visits South Moravia. Train accidents have plagued the Czech Republic since last summer.