Travel To Russia And Tunisia Is Prohibited By The Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has prohibited all Czech citizens from traveling to Russia as of July 1st, and to Tunisia as of the beginning of next week. This is due to the spreading of the coronavirus mutation.

Tunisia is one of the most popular summer locations in the Czech Republic, according to travel companies. According to Andrej Rzheznichkov, a representative of the “Invia Travel Agency,” around 1,500 consumers purchased a ticket to Tunisia between July 5th and August 31st.

As a precautionary measure, all Czech nationals and foreigners residing in Czechia are barred from entering countries with a high risk of covid-19 infection.

By June 30th, 14 countries had been added to the list, including India and many African and South American nations. Russia, Paraguay, and Namibia will be added to the list on July 1st, followed by Tunisia on July 5th.  The prohibition, according to the Ministry of Health, is intended to prevent future cases of coronavirus mutations being introduced into the Czech Republic and spreading throughout the country. 

According to the authorities, the number of infected people in Russia increased significantly in June. People going to the Czech Republic from countries with a high risk of Covid-19 must perform a PCR test prior to arrival and then two PCR tests in sequence once they arrive. People must self-isolate for up to two weeks and wear respirators when they arrive.