Two replicas of human skulls were found close to the House of Commons

Foto: Soňa Havlíčková

Passers-by found two replicas of human skulls in the center of Prague on Thursday. The objects were located next to a tree in the Milady Horáková Monument near the lower house of parliament. Police investigated the discovery to determine whether the bones were real.

The two objects, which resemble human skulls, were brought to attention by a woman who captured them in photographs. She said she was frightened by the skulls near a tree on Pětikostelní náměstí(Five Bones Square), close to the Milada Horáková Monument. “I am sick of these methods and practices,” the outraged woman wrote.

Prague police began to investigate the discovery, and when the patrol arrived, police spokeswoman, Violeta Sirišťová said there was only one skull left on the scene. Subsequent investigations revealed that the skulls were replicas.