Unvaccinated people employed by Škoda could lose their jobs

Radek Plavecký,

Employees who choose to remain unvaccinated and work for Škoda Auto may face restrictions or even lose their jobs. This applies mainly to those whose work is linked to business trips abroad. “Probably in the next few days we will receive a letter from the management that those who are not vaccinated must be transferred to some other place where they no longer travel abroad. That would be a downward shift in any case. “If someone is not vaccinated, they take believe that it is an obstacle to the performance of certain positions,” one of the employees confirmed.

The company’s management admitted that it is trying to get its employees to get vaccinated. “From the beginning, we have promoted vaccination as the most effective way to return to normal life, and therefore we want to motivate and extremely reward those colleagues who protect themselves and their surroundings through vaccination. As of August 1, only employees who have completed the Covid-19 vaccination can be sent on foreign business trips, “confirmed Martina Gillichová, spokeswoman for the carmaker company.

The possible transfer could affect many people. Thousands of employees, ranging from technicians in development, testing and production to laboratory, marketing and sales staff and other professions, as well as management at all levels, go to the group’s plants abroad. While a large number of Škoda’s employees have already been vaccinated, the company does not reveal the exact percent. “The goal is to vaccinate all employees,” a company spokesperson stated.

The carmaker strictly observes and monitors various anti-epidemic measures, from wearing masks to testing, keeping distance and disinfection. “We have taken more than 80 measures to prevent the spread of disease in all areas of the company and have implemented a number of procedures beyond the mandatory regulations. The rules at  Škoda Auto are usually stricter than the Czech government’s regulations, “Gillichová said.