Vaccinated travelers won’t need the covid test to enter the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has modified its entry requirements for citizens who have already received a coronavirus vaccination. People who have been vaccinated and come to Czechia from countries where there is a high or medium risk of infection should no longer be screened for covid-19. This was condirmed by the Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulganek on his Twitter.

“Since May 4, those who received a second dose of the vaccine at least 14 days ago can come from“ red ”and“ orange ”countries without the need to undergo testing or quarantine. This is the first step towards resuming normal travel. Further steps will follow, ” the head of the Foreign Ministry wrote.

Portugal, Finland, Ireland, and Iceland have now been classified as “orange” countries, with an average risk rating. Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, and Denmark, for example, are high-risk red zones.

When entering the Czech Republic, travelers who have not obtained the vaccine must still take a test. You must pass the PCR test within five days of arrival if the country is marked in red. An antigen test is appropriate after returning from the “orange” countries. Tourists must stay in quarantine for the entire five-day period.

The new rule does not apply to the majority of the countries on the interactive map that are currently marked in dark red (very high risk). Before entering the Czech Republic, all visitors from these countries must pass a covid-19 inspection.

For example, Hungary, Croatia, France, Great Britain, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are marked in dark red on the map.