Vojtěch: There will be a third dose of covid vaccination


Some population groups will probably have to receive a third dose of vaccination against the disease COVID-19. However, he added that he does not know exactly who the vaccine will be for and when these people will get it.

“For my part, I think the third dose will be, definitely for the particular groups of people. This will likely happen soon, ” Vojtěch said at a press conference on Tuesday morning.

However, he did not specify exactly which groups would be targeted. According to previous discussions, it could be health care workers, social service workers, or seniors over a certain age.

The debate on whether the third dose benefit will be necessary and compulsory has been ongoing for several months. Linked to this is the question of how long the antibodies last in the body after a coronavirus injection or how long the combination of the first and second dose works.

A third dose is already on the way in the world

The government is expected to decide on the recognition of antibodies by the end of August. A roundtable with experts will have a meeting on Thursday.

The third dose has already been administered in Israel, Serbia, and the USA, for example. Vojtěch said the decision on the Czech Republic should also be made by the end of August.