Vystrčil visited Kiev with his collegues

Miloš Vystrčil

Senate chief Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine, with several of his senatorial colleagues. They came at the invitation of the President of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Deputy Senate President Jiří Růžička (TOP 09), independent senator Pavel Fischer and Polish senators led by the President of the Chamber Tomasz Grodzki, who arrived by train with Vystrčil.

“We are ready to speak in the Ukrainian parliament, and I assume that we will also visit the villages in the vicinity that have been significantly damaged by the Russian aggressors, including the genocide there,” Vystrčil said after arriving in Kyiv. Due to the security situation, he did not want to comment on other trip circumstances.

Last week, the Senate adopted a position that says Russia must face the consequences of waging war against Ukraine, including the payment of reparations.

The upper house also stated that the killing of civilians in Ukrainian cities bears all the hallmarks of a war crime under international law and that the abduction of Ukrainian citizens to Russia is unjustifiable.

The Senate believes that Russian officials responsible for war crimes must be brought to justice and punished. The House of Commons also adopted an almost identical resolution.

It is estimated that over 300 000 Ukrainians, mainly women, and children, have arrived in the Czech Republic. The head of the Ukrainian Parliament also called for further sanctions to be imposed on Russia and for the seizure of the assets of Russian oligarchs.