Watch Out For Expired Licenses. You’ll Have to Pay Thousands of Czech Crowns Starting in July.

Czechs who had their driver’s licenses expired at the beginning of September last year have to renew them until the end of the month. However, the period during which they had an extended deadline for replacement due to the epidemic finished at the end of June. As a result, up to 200,000 drivers may have been driving for nearly a year with an expired license. 

This means that everyone whose license expired on September 1st last year will be able to renew it until June 30th. After that, however, as of July 1st, they will require a new one. Driving without a valid license can result in a fine of tens of thousands of Czech crowns.

For the first time this year, those who want to avoid long lines at offices can change their driver’s license online through the “citizen’s portal”. They must, however, have a data box (datova schránka). “The form, photos, and dates are loaded. All one has to do is select where his driver’s license is to be collected.” The situation has been explained by Roman Vrba, Director of the Ministry of the Interior, eGovernment Department.

Drivers can postpone attending a technical inspection station in the same way that they can extend the validity of their driver’s license. Vehicle inspections are already generating more attention among their operators. As a result, they advise drivers to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

Drivers should not hesitate to inspect their vehicles, according to traffic experts. Cars that may not have been officially in good condition have been driving on the roads for over a year due to the extended validity of the technical certification.