What Changed In the Measures From Saturday?

The government has made another change to the hygiene rules that apply concerning the spread of the coronavirus from Saturday. The most significant change concerns children returning from holidays with their parents from countries with a higher risk. The Ministry of Health’s emergency measure on mandatory respiratory protection has also been amended. The Supreme Administrative Court annulled the existing one. The next release of the measure will be on Sunday.

Children aged 6 to 12 years who have been in high and very high-risk countries will not need a valid PCR test when crossing the border. They will not need to be self-isolated for a minimum of five days before taking the mandatory PCR test upon arrival in the Czech Republic. Although they still have to take this test, they can be tested immediately on arrival.

People who have a doctor’s note will not be required to wear prescribed respiratory protection for medical reasons where it is compulsory. They should have this stated on their doctor’s note and it should also be stated in their medical records so that it is auditable.

However, such people should be required to wear other respiratory protective equipment as specified in this measure, except where the medical certificate specifically states that the person can not wear any respiratory protective equipment, “the regulation states.

Compulsory respirators or equivalent protective equipment will continue to be required indoors, on public transport and in other places as before.

Other measures will be relaxed on Sunday, when, for example, limits on the number of people in swimming pools or zoos will be raised. And there will also be increased capacity for participation in sporting and cultural events. Dancing will also be allowed at discos and clubs.