What tanks and combat vehicles are the Czechs sending to Ukraine?

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The Czech Republic is sending T-72 tanks and BVP infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, which is resisting the Russian invasion, both from the stocks of the Ministry of Defence and from the warehouses of Czech armorers, mainly the Excalibur company, which belongs to the CSG holding.

Images of the “shipment” appeared on social media. According to Práva, they show equipment from the Czech army’s inventory, but the Ministry of Defence did not want to confirm this directly when asked by the editorial office.

For security reasons, “the type of military material cannot be specified,” said Jakub Fajnor, a spokesman for the defense ministry.

It is not clear how much heavy equipment has been sent. Information about the delivery of dozens of tanks has appeared in the Czech media. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing Czech defense ministry officials, wrote on Tuesday that the Czech Republic had sent “more than a dozen” upgraded Soviet-made T-72M tanks to Ukraine and BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles.

In response, the defense ministry denied the news, which was confirmed to WSJ by Deputy Defense Minister Tomáš Kopečný.

The army has so-called untouchable stocks of military equipment stored in several places. The giant warehouse is in Rančířov near Jihlava, where it is supposed to keep about 120 T-72 tanks and several hundred different types of infantry fighting vehicles in case of mobilization.

Excalibur did not want to be more specific about the delivery to Ukraine. “We don’t disclose how we are involved in helping Ukraine,” CSG spokesman Andrej Čirtek said.