Woman Goes To Jail For Seven Years For Stabbing Her Boyfriend In An Argument Over 100 Crowns

“The sentence of seven years is entirely appropriate,” said Michal Hodoušek, the chair of the appeals chamber.

The judge noted that it was appropriate to impose a sentence that was exceptionally reduced below the statutory penalty rate, which in this case was between 10 and 18 years.

Makrerougrasova stabbed her acquaintance, who was ten years younger than her, February last year at a hostel in Louny. She and other people at the hostel had been drinking when an argument broke out. The defendant asked the victim for 100 crowns to buy food for her cat, but he refused to give her the money because he was saving it for his train home.

When he got up from the table, Makrerougrasova plunged a kitchen knife with a 13-centimetre blade into his left chest. Fortunately, the knife did not hit any of the organs in his chest. A helicopter transported the man to the hospital, where he said he stayed for four days and was working a week later.

The man tried to defend his girlfriend during the main trial, claiming that Makrerougrasova was cutting onions, tripped accidentally stabbed him. However, after being repeatedly instructed by the presiding judge, he testified that she got up from the table and then stabbed him with a knife.

The woman is also to undergo anti-alcohol treatment, according to the verdict.