Yachting is the most popular summer activity among Czechs

Kseniia Zhuikova

After the last summer season, which was significantly disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, the Czechs are again planning a rest near the sea. The trend of recent years is a growing interest in spending free time right by renting a yacht. The Czech Republic ranks second place in Europe for booking boat holidays. Although, the country is not washed by the sea, it’s obvious that the Czechs belong to the yachting nations as Germans. 

According to Pavel Pribiš, who is a co-founder of boataround.com, nowadays, the Czech Republic is a small yachting power. This is best evidenced by the number of captain’s licenses, which amounts to hundreds of thousands and is growing every year. It is very popular to go yachting in small groups up to eight people, because this is the most affordable option.

The most popular destination is Croatia, as it is the closest country. It is also a Czech pleasure to go yachting in Greece, Turkey and Italy. From the inland places the famous canals are Lipno or Slapy, but people also go boating on the Orlicka dam and even on the Bati canal.

There are two main ways to sail on a yacht. It is possible to rent the boat itself, or pay for a boat with a crew or captain. When people choose the option with a captain for their maiden voyage, it gives them a sense of security after which many are inspired to go and get a captain license. 

Obtaining a captain’s license is a comprehensive program that trains candidates to become captains within a week. The candidate must undergo theoretical training, which usually lasts two days, followed by a week of practical training at sea. According to the instructors, this is a real journey in which people with the help of an instructor get acquainted with all stages of the process: from boat rentals to acceptance of the yacht, insurance, safety, navigation techniques, rescue and maneuvers in the port.