Coronavirus update: all Czech regions have less than 200 cases (per 100,000 people)

The number of infected people per 100,000 people fell from 131 to 123 cases per week. No region has more than 200 cases, and the Hradec Králové region has the highest total of 49 cases.

There are five regions that are currently under the 100 per 100,000 case cap. Plzesk (76), Pardubick (93) and Prague (93), in addition to Královéhradeck (49) and Karlovarsk (53), are among those who have escaped (99).

Luckily, the figures have greatly changed in the two areas that are actually the most affected. The weekly average of infected people per 100,000 people dropped from 200 to 191 in the Zlin Region, and from 198 to 182 in the South Bohemian Region.

The reproductive number, which indicates how many other people infect one person with a positive test on average, decreased as well. Its present value in the United States is 0.86.