Zeman Announced That He Plans To Visit China Next Year

Zeman has visited China repeatedly in the past. Last year, he was going to attend the 17+1 summit with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, it was held only this year and only virtually.

Zeman initially did not want to attend because of his dissatisfaction with the size of the promised Chinese investment in the Czech Republic, which he has repeatedly spoken about. Later, Prague Castle agreed to take the trip on the condition that the investments would be completed. Finally, at the summit, he spoke of the hope that the cooperation projects between Europe and China, especially the new Silk Road project, would be fulfilled.

The President has been travelling abroad and also in the Czech Republic sporadically in recent months, also because of the coronavirus epidemic.

On Wednesday, the Chinese president was due to make phone calls, alongside Zeman, to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Xi Jinping expressed solidarity with the Czech Republic and its citizens following the recent tornado that damaged seven villages in southern Moravia and “stressed that he considers the Czech Republic a key partner within the EU”, according to the Castle.

The presidents also reportedly discussed economic cooperation and reported on how the trees they gifted each other with are doing.