After the First Vaccination Dose, Czechs Will Be Permitted to Go to Slovakia Without Being Quarantined

From the 9th of July to the 9th of August, Czechs will be permitted to go to Slovakia immediately after receiving their first dose of the covid-19 vaccination and will not be required to enter quarantine. Jakub Kulhánek (ČSSD), the Czech Foreign Minister, said today. With a few exceptions, Slovakia recently stated that travelers who have not been appropriately vaccinated would be required to quarantine when entering the country starting Friday. 

According to Kulhánek, the next month is a transitional time, and circumstances may be tightened after August 9th. The minister stated earlier in today’s briefing. He was in negotiations with Slovakia about relaxing rules for retirees and people living near the border. 

In the case of cross-border workers, Kulhánek stated that Slovakia, for example, would no longer require two doses of covid-19 vaccination but rather simply one. The minister also noted that the best possible conditions for Czechs living near the border must be created.

 “We propose to the Slovak side that travel for these people be made as simple as possible, for example, 30 kilometers from the border,” he said. 

Since Monday, Slovakia has closed tiny border crossings with the Czech Republic, causing hundreds of inconveniences. Instead of walking a few kilometers to neighboring communities, they now have to travel up to 70 kilometers through massive border crossings. According to Kulhánek, all crossings should reopen at midnight on Friday. 

The minister stated that talks are still ongoing. To fine-tune the arrangements, a working group of both countries’ deputy interior and foreign ministers has been formed.