Zeman’s treatment in the intensive care unit is decided by a medical team of specialists

Radek Cihla

According to Jitka Zinke, a Central Military Hospital (UVN) spokeswoman, President Zeman’s condition is stable. He is in the anesthesia, resuscitation, and intensive care clinic, where a team of specialists is caring for him. On Sunday, Zeman was hospitalized in an ambulance from the Castle in Lány.

“I can confirm that the President is in a stable condition. I do not have any further information on the health condition of the President during his treatment,” Jitka Zinke, spokesperson for the hospital, commented. When asked if she would be able to confirm or rule out rumors that Zeman had undergone surgery later in the day, she denied revealing further information.

On Sunday, Miroslav Zavoral, the hospital’s director, claimed he didn’t have the President’s permission to reveal his diagnosis. He only stated that Zeman is in the hospital due to a chronic illness he is being treated for. The President’s state of health is also not publicized at the Castle. It has only confirmed the President’s hospitalization and stated it would not prevent him from carrying out his duties.

It is known that the President has long suffered from lower-limbs neuropathy, diabetes, and hearing loss. According to former President Václav Klaus, Zeman’s current health problems are caused by his liver and his lifestyle.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) visited Zeman at the Castle in Lány on Sunday before being transported to the hospital. Other politicians who want to discuss post-election arrangements with the President are waiting for his condition to be improved.