A bus full of Czech tourists returning from Italy crashed in Germany

A bus full of Czech tourists returning from Italy crashed on a German motorway. There were 36 people on board. Fourteen of them suffered injuries, some of them severe. A replacement bus is going to take the passengers back to the Czech Republic. The cause of the accident is not yet clear. According to the Consul General in Munich, it could have been caused by the driver’s micro-sleep.

On Saturday morning, a bus with Czech tourists returning from Italy to the Czech Republic crashed in Germany. The accident was avoided without casualties, but 14 people suffered injuries, some of them severe.

The accident happened this morning on the A93 motorway in the Lower Bavarian district of Kelheim, south of Reims. Police said the incident claimed four seriously and ten slightly injured.

Police said no other vehicle was involved in the accident. The bus overturned when it lurched while exiting the A93 motorway onto the B15. It is not yet clear what caused the crash.

People are waiting for a replacement bus

Čedok, which organized the trip to Italy, said in a press release that 34 Czech tourists were on the bus when it crashed. According to the police, there were 36 people on the bus. The tourists, who survived the accident without injury, are now waiting at a nearby fire station for a replacement bus to take them to the Czech Republic, according to Čedok.

The Czech Foreign Ministry said on Twitter that the consulate in Munich is in contact with the German authorities and is ready to assist.

Kristina Larischová, the Czech Consul General in Munich, said that the cause of the accident could have been a micro-sleep by the driver. “The driver went off the motorway at a right-hand bend, and the bus overturned on its side. Thanks to the cooperation of the Bavarian-Czech center in the area of police intervention, the police force was called in and was also given an interpreter, ” Larischová said.