A child was transported to the hospital after a serious accident in the Zlín region

Policie ČR

A helicopter transported a boy with severe injuries to the hospital on Sunday after being hit by a car while riding his scooter in Petrůvka in the Zlín region. According to authorities, the child was not wearing a helmet, and the driver did not react quickly enough to avoid the scooter turning.

The accident happened on Sunday at around 16.30. “The driver of a passenger car hit a  boy riding a scooter. He was then transported to a hospital by helicopter with serious injuries, “police spokeswoman Monika Kozumplíková said on Monday.

According to the spokeswoman, the driver of the Škoda Karoq SUV, aged 27, was driving through the village of Petrůvka in the direction from Slavičín to Luhačovice and, apparently due to excessive speed, did not have time to react to the child who was driving in front of the car and wanted to turn left. “The driver did not react in time and hit the child,” the spokeswoman said. The driver’s breath test for alcohol and the test for other substances were negative.

Traffic police and criminal investigators are further investigating the circumstances and the exact cause of the accident. The child was not wearing a helmet or other protective reflective elements.

“The same rules apply for riding a scooter as for riding a bicycle. Among other things, the obligation of the driver to wear a protective helmet until the age of eighteen. It is also essential for drivers to be equipped with reflective elements so that both the scooter and its driver are visible, “the spokesperson pointed out.