A Czech company will supply Slovak plates with a registration mark

The Slovak Ministry of the Interior will buy the registration plates from the Czech company SPM, Security Paper Mill. Slovakia has paid EUR 7.17 (CZK 177) per plate, but under the new contract with the Czech company, it will be only EUR 3.95 (CZK 98).

Slovak Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (Ordinary People and Independent Personalities OLaNO) stressed that the signing of the framework contract with the Czech company ends the 20-year monopoly of the previous supplier, Turčan Delta.

This year, it should bring 3.5 million euros (almost 87 million crowns) savings. The SPM, Security Paper Mill, also supplies registration plates in the Czech Republic.

However, the Slovak media point out that drivers will not yet see any price reduction and will continue to pay €33 (CZK 816) for two number plates, which is double what drivers in neighboring countries pay. Drivers in the Czech Republic, for example, pay CZK 450 for two plates, including the administrative fee.