Protesters against Covid vaccination harass public figures

Photo: Novinky

The police have already investigated several reports in connection with a group of people against Covid-19 vaccination who regularly visit public figures promoting the coronavirus vaccination of citizens. The activists berate these people under the windows of their houses, ring their doorbells, or visit them at their workplaces. The aggression from the protesters is more verbal, and no property damage has reportedly occurred so far. 

A group of five to ten people visited, for example, the president of the Czech Medical Chamber (ČLK), Milan Kubek, the scientist Jaroslav Flegr, the Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch, and the chief hygienist, Pavla Svrčinová, in front of whose house there was even a demonstration. The activists usually come to the place where the people in question live, ring the doorbell, shout under the windows, demand that they come out, call them murderers, and so on.

The police are repeatedly called to these places and consistently identify the people there. Police patrols have also been installed permanently outside the houses of some public figures being harassed, but the security forces’ leadership would not say whether this is police protection.

“For tactical reasons, we never disclose whether specific people have been given short-term police protection. However, in connection with these incidents, we have received several notifications where we are investigating the details of the assaults, “police spokesman Jan Rybanský said.

“I have been subjected to various attacks for several weeks now, but what is worse is that my family, including my children, are also subjected to these attacks. This is way over the edge. It’s almost daily, “Kubek described.

Kubek added that he is saddened by the current mood in society, as he and other publicly active people are facing aggression and ordinary health care, workers. “A year ago, people were applauding them, today they are cursing them, and I just wonder what has happened to us,” he mentioned.

“The worst experience was the excrement in the mailbox with the threatening letter. It’s more like what I guess is called “stalking,” which is permanent harassment, disrespect of privacy, disturbing the peace, and so on. Patients can’t reach my office because such actions block the line, “Kubek recounted the unpleasant experience.

A group of activists has also repeatedly appeared at vaccination and testing centers, where they scold the workers who carry out the tests and record everything on their mobile phones. They then post the footage on social media.