A helicopter landed on the Kodiaq. The carmaker repeated the famous scene from Top Gear.

Škoda Auto has taken inspiration from the British show Top Gear, which has praised it several times. The highlight was when a helicopter landed on the roof of the Yeti. The new video, this time featuring the Skoda Kodiaq, was shot in the Czech Republic.

When Jeremy Clarkson from the British motoring show Top Gear had a small helicopter land on the roof of a moving Skoda Yeti years ago, it caused a sensation. Especially in the Czech Republic. Now the Mladá Boleslav car company has decided to repeat a similar performance. Only with a brand new Skoda Kodiaq. It promoted its new model at the Czech Robinson helicopter owners’ meeting.

The stunt was, of course, preceded by careful preparation. The Kodiaq was given rear axle reinforcements so that the chassis was balanced correctly when the machine landed and the car did not sit on its back end under the massive load. In addition, instead of a roof rack, Skoda’s engineers fitted a wooden panel to the roof to create an ideal landing area for the helicopter.

Unlike Top Gear, where the Skoda Yeti was in motion during the landing, the Kodiaq stood firmly in place for the safety of all involved. Moreover, the standing car was better able to cope with the heavy load, the Robinson R22 helicopter weighing 622 kilograms. Its price starts at CZK 6.2 million for the record, which can buy almost five Kodiaq RSS.