An underpass to Žižkov was opened at the main station. 

Since Friday, the journey to Prague’s main railway station has been easier for residents of Žižkov or students of the University of Economics (VŠE). The railway administration has opened an extended northern underpass to the station, which opens onto Seifertova Street in Prague 3. Passengers will also be able to use the newly opened railway station Praha-Zahradní město from Friday.

The exit at Žižkov from the underpass is entirely wheelchair accessible. There is a staircase, a pair of escalators, and a lift. The tunnel is then connected to a pedestrian route leading to Seifert Street.

“Before, it looked completely uncivilized here. People used the nearest possible way across all the tracks here at the main station. Firstly, this was forbidden, and secondly, it was a hazardous route,” explained Pavel Dobeš, deputy mayor of Prague 3.

“For the citizens of Prague 3, the underpass means very comfortable, even barrier-free access to the main station or then to the metro,” Dobeš added.

Jiří Svoboda, Director General of the Railway Administration, also highlighted the improved safety and the connection of the surrounding districts to the metro station. “They will significantly reduce the walking distance not only directly to the station but also the city center,” he added.

Construction work on the extension of the underpass began last May and included, among other things, the necessary relocation of tracks and modifications to the water supply and sewerage system. The architects also designed a rest area, which will be completed together with the landscaping of the surroundings at the exit of the underpass.

“We will finish the surroundings of the underpass by the coming of winter. The work cost CZK 219.55 million, ” Svoboda added.