A police car hits a nine-year-old girl in Prague


A nine-year-old girl was hit by a police car in Prague on Thursday afternoon. A helicopter flew to her aid.

The accident occurred in Evropská Street shortly before 4 p.m. According to information from the scene, the accident happened at a pedestrian crossing controlled by a traffic light leading to a tram stop.

The police car, which traffic police officers use to respond to accidents, was driving with its beacons.

Police spokeswoman Martina Spryslova said officers were on their way to the case. However, she did not yet know whether the car had its beacons on with its horn sounding.

“There was a collision between a police service vehicle and a child. An ambulance helicopter was called to the scene and took the child to the hospital. Police officers will investigate the exact causes of the accident and the degree of fault,” a police spokeswoman said.

“The child was conscious. Paramedics suspected a pelvic injury. After treatment, the child was transported by helicopter to the hospital,” added Jana Poštová, a spokeswoman for the rescuers.

Traffic on European Street is restricted.